Soupe du Jour

Soup of the Day



Langue de Bœuf Vinaigrette à l’Échalotte

Slow poached French beef tongue in a mustardy shallot vinaigrette



Rillettes de Canard Maison

Homemade duck leg confit rillettes with French gerkins


Carpaccio de Boeuf

Thin slices of raw beef tenderloin with basil-anchovy dressing, Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar reduction and mesclun salad


Terrine de Foie Gras et Foie de Volaille

Homemade rustic foie gras and poultry liver terrine


Rice Krispies de La Cantoche

David’s Mom secret recipe made with marinated pork in lime juice, golden crispy rice meatball, fresh herbs & topped with Rice Krispies


Nems au Fromage de Chèvre (small)

Saint Maure goat cheese deep fried in rice paper served with a fresh mesclun mix salad


Appetizers to Share

Plateau de Crudités

Assortment of shredded carrots, beetroots in vinaigrette dressing, with deviled eggs and mesclun salad


Nems au Fromage de Chèvre (large)

Saint Maure goat cheese deep fried in rice paper


Plateau de Charcuterie “Classique”

Assortment of classic French rosette, foie gras & chicken liver terrine, coppa and mortadella


Camembert Rôti et ses Pommes Noisette

French camembert cheese roasted with shallot confit & drizzles of thyme & basil infused olive oil, served with potato noisette


Plateau de Fromages

Selection of camembert, reblochon, morbier, goat cheese


Plateau de Charcuterie “Rustique”

Assortment of rustic “pâté de tête” pig’s head terrine, homemade duck rillettes and beef tongue in vinaigrette dressing


Main Courses

Choose above main course with 1 or 2 side dishes Except for cheese burger & French rabbit leg

Cheese Burger de La Cantoche

Burger with 100% beef tenderloin patty, double cheddar, French onion confit, served with fries & salad



Northern African influenced beef & lamb grilled sausages with spices


Cordon Bleu Maison

Juicy chicken breast, French ham & melting morbier raw cow milk cheese in light crispy breaded crust


Filet de Barramundi en Papillotte

Barramundi fish filet on top of leeks fondue & capers, cooked in tightly sealed tin foil


Onglet Sauce aux Champignons Flambée au Cognac

US CAB-grade hanger steak in a creamy mushroom shallot sauce flambéed in Cognac


Carré d’Agneau en Croûte d’Herbes

Seared NZ rack of lamb in Provence herb crust


Filet de Flétan en Croûte de Tomate Séchée

Seared halibut fish filet with sundried tomato lemon zest crust


Lapin à la Moutarde & Tagliatelle

Slow cooked French rabbit leg in wholegrain mustard sauce and tagliatelle pasta


Entrecôte à Partager ou Pas (500grs)

US CAB-grade chilled rib-eye with a crispy sear & finished in the oven To share or not (500grs)


Side Dishes

Extra Side Dish $48  / Each Extra Bread Basket $48


Provence traditional stewed tomato, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, onion with mixed herbs & bay leaves

Gratin de Chou-Fleur

Baked cauliflower with cream & cheese

Purée Maison

Hand-whisked creamy & buttery potato mash

Pommes Noisette

Golden crispy crusted potato balls with creamy mash filling inside


Crispy French fries

Haricots Beurre en Persillade

Yellow butter beans pan-fried with garlic & parsley “en persillade"

Salade Mesclun

Fresh Mesclun mix salad


Buttered French mini macaroni

Salsifis en Persillade

Salsify root vegetable with garlic & parsley “en persillade”

Carottes Vichy

Glazed baby carrots


Fondant au Chocolat

Flourless chocolate cake with bourbon vanilla ice cream


Nougat Glacé aux M&M’s

Signature homemade m&m’s nougat ice cream


Crème Brûlée Maison

Homemade crème brulée


Crumble aux Pommes

Apple crumble with cinnamon & Calvados brandy served with bourbon vanilla ice cream


Dame Blanche

Double Scoop of bourbon vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce, roasted almond flakes & chantilly cream